How Zepf Center coped with coding bottlenecks using dbForge SQL Complete

Zepf Center

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Zepf Center is a Trauma Certified non-profit that provides behavioral health and vocational services to individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses. The organization's services include crisis care, addiction treatment, child and adolescent psychiatric, medical, residential, primary care and therapy services, as well as career development.
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Challenges faced

Peter Hoffman, a Database Architect on the Health Information Technology team, was working on complex business intelligence, reporting, and integration solutions using Microsoft SQL Server. However, the team encountered numerous bottlenecks in the routine aspects of SQL development, such as:

Identifying table structures while writing T-SQL code
Maintaining code formatting standards across the team
Managing the excessive workload of code reviews

Neither SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) nor several other tools they tried managed to cope with these challenges. After extensive research, Peter Hoffman decided to assume dbForge SQL Complete, a powerful coding assistant that seamlessly integrates with SSMS and brings plenty of new options into the habitual interface. Its simplicity and perfect alignment with the team's needs made it the ideal choice for Zepf Center.

"SQL Complete allows our BI team to streamline tedious or repetitive tasks so they can focus on creative development..."
Peter Hoffman
Peter Hoffman
Database Architect

Results achieved

The team relied on SQL Complete for all their SQL development tasks. This tool enabled the BI specialists to streamline repetitive tasks and allocate more time to development. The use of code snippets helped them create standardized templates for BI structures, while shared code formatting eliminated a significant bottleneck in code review procedures.

By adopting SQL Complete, the team significantly improved their reporting capabilities, helping them deliver compelling reports in no time. As a result, the organization was better equipped to make informed decisions and attract greater access grants and other programs, ultimately expanding its services to reach more people.

Key features Peter is excited about

Code Snippets

SQL snippets are commonly used code fragments that can be inserted during typing. This feature simplifies reusing code fragments and makes it more comfortable. SQL Complete offers a collection of default code templates for selection. It also supports the customization of existing templates and the creation of new code snippets to meet the specific user's needs.

Code Completion

SQL Complete dynamically analyzes code and suggests the most relevant keywords and phrases based on the context. It automatically presents database objects and filters them according to the user's input. Additionally, it offers extensive prompts for T-SQL code, DDL, and security statements. These options are readily available during code writing, enabling the user to insert them instantly and thus accelerate the coding process and enhance accuracy.

Grid Aggregates

The Grid Aggregates feature in SQL Complete automatically calculates and displays aggregates for a selected range of values at the bottom of the SSMS Results Grid. It covers MAX, MIN, AVG, SUM, COUNT, and DISTINCT ON, eliminating the need for separate calculations. Users can conveniently copy any value from the Aggregate Panel to use it further.

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