ODBC Driver for QuickBooks

Connecting to QuickBooks via ODBC Driver

  1. After the driver is installed, it should be configured. For this, in the Control Panel open Administrative Tools and find the Data Sources (ODBC) tool:


  2. Now you have to add the Devart ODBC Driver for QuickBooks to the list of System Data Sources or User Data Sources or File Data Sources using the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog.


  3. For this, click the Add button - the Create New Data Source dialog will appear with a list of available drivers.

    Select Devart ODBC Driver for QuickBooks and click Finish.


    Then you will be suggested to configure the driver.

  4. In the appeared connection dialog, specify Data Source Name and its Description and click Connect to QuickBooks button.


  5. In the appeared Web Login dialog enter your QuickBooks account credentials and click Sign in

    Enter credentials to log in to QuickBooks

  6. At the Check your email step enter the 6-digits code you received on email and click Continue

    6-digits code verification

  7. On the next step click Connect

    Authorization to QuickBooks

  8. Now Devart ODBC Driver for QuickBooks is authorized to QuickBooks, and all the required connection options are filled in automatically.


    If you want to save tokens in order to be used for new connections, select the Save Tokenscheckbox.

    You can disconnect from you QuickBooks Online company by clicking the Disconnect from QuickBooks button. Then all connection options will be emptied.

  9. In order to check connection to QuickBooks data source, click on the Test Connection button. A successful connection message must appear:


  10. Then you can click OK and finish configuration or switch to the Advanced settings tab to specify more detailed Connection String. See the full list of supported connection options in the Connection Options article.
  11. To activate the driver via ODBC Administrator, refer to the Product Activation article for more details.

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