ODBC Driver for BigCommerce

Connection Options

The following table describes the options that you can include in the connection string for BigCommerce:

Option Description


The HTTP address of the BigCommerce server to connect to.

User ID

Used to supply a unique User ID for connect to a BigCommerce account.

Authentication Token

Used to supply an API key to login to BigCommerce. To get your Authentication Token, refer to the Obtaining API token section.

If you want to save Authentication Token in DSN Settings, select the Save Token checkbox

Proxy Host

If you are using Proxy for connection to your network, specify the Proxy server address in this option. To learn your Proxy server address, open Control Panel->Internet Options->Connections->LAN settings.

Proxy Port

Specify the Proxy port here. You can learn Proxy Port in the same way as described above for the host.

Proxy User

If Proxy User authorization is used, specify Proxy user name (ID) in this option.

Proxy Password

If Proxy User authorization is used, specify Proxy user password in this option.

Advanced Settings

Option Description

Empty strings as NULL

To retrieve metadata, not all parameters according to MSDN can accept a null value. If NULL, the driver should return an error. But some 3rd-party tools pass NULL to the parameters. These options should be enabled for compatibility with such tools.

Allow NULL strings


Enables using local regional settings when converting numbers to string.


Enables using local regional settings when converting dates and times to string.

Sample connection string


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