ODBC Driver for Dynamics CRM


Direct Connection to Dynamics

Connection to Dynamics

Our driver provides capabilities to establish connections to Dynamics cloud databases directly via HTTPS. If you have no ability to access Dynamics via HTTPS, you can also connect using Proxy options: Host, Port, Username, Password.

Extended SQL Syntax

Our ODBC driver provides an unrivalled opportunity to work with Dynamics objects just as with SQL tables. The extended SQL syntax allows you to use all the SQL benefits in SQL-92 compatible SELECT statements:

  • Complex JOINs
  • WHERE conditions
  • Subqueries
  • GROUP statements
  • Aggregation functions
  • ORDER statements
  • etc.
Dynamics SQL

DML Opeartions Support

DML Operations

Devart ODBC Driver for Dynamics provides support for DML:


which allows you to modify data in Dynamics the same way as in SQL databases.

Batch ops

Bulk Updates

Moreover, with our driver you can perform bulk updates to Dynamics by combining SQL statements into batches, thus simplifying and speeding up large data modification with Dynamics.

ODBC Conformance

The driver provides full support for common ODBC interface:

  • ODBC API Functions support
  • ODBC Data Types support

In addition, we provide support for Advanced Connection String parameters. Thus allowing any desktop and web applications to connect to Dynamics from various environments and platforms, that support ODBC.

ODBC Conformance
Dynamics compatibility

Dynamics Compatibility

Our ODBC driver fully supports all data types defined in the Dynamics API.

Moreover, the driver is compatible with the Dynamics API itself.

Advanced Data Conversion

We have implemented advanced Data Conversion mechanisms that provide bi-directional mapping between any Dynamics and ODBC data types.


The driver is compatible with 3rd-party data analysis tools, such as Microsoft Excel, and integrates with various IDEs and systems like Visual Studio, etc.

For the complete list of compatible tools and environments visit the Compatibility page.

Platforms Variety

Devart ODBC Driver for Dynamics can be used with 32-bit and 64-bit applications on both x32 and x64 platforms, so there is no need to additionally configure the driver, applications or environment.

Fully Unicode Driver

With our fully Unicode driver, you can retrieve and work with any data from multi-lingual Dynamics databases correctly, not depending on whether its charset is Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Chinese, etc., in any environment localization.

High Performance

Every operation with Dynamics becomes significantly faster using such capabilities of our driver as Local data caching, connection pooling, query optimization and much more.


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