ODBC Driver for Salesforce

Connecting to Salesforce via ODBC Driver

Windows DSN Configuration

After installing the driver, create a DSN for Salesforce in the ODBC Data Source Administrator:

  1. Run the ODBC administrator.
    • Select Start > Search and enter ODBC Data Sources in the Search box on Windows 10. You can also access the ODBC Administrator from Control Panel > Administrative Tools. Choose the version of the ODBC Administrator that matches the bitness of your application (32-bit or 64-bit).
    • Alternatively, you can run C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe to create a 32-bit DSN or C:\Windows\System32\odbcad32.exe to create a 64-bit DSN.
  2. Select the User DSN or System DSN. Most applications work with any of them, yet some applications require a specific type of DSN.
  3. Click Add... and select Devart ODBC Driver for Salesforce.

Authenticating with a User ID and Password

If you choose this autentication type, specify your Salesforce username, password, and security token. By default, a security token is required, but you can make it optional by allowing a range of trusted IP addresses. To generate a token, login to Salesforce, click the User Menu in the top right corner, and select My Personal Information > Reset My Security Token.

Authenticating with a Refresh Token

If you authenticate with OAuth2, click Sign In with Salesforce and enter your credentials to log in and generate a refresh token.

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