Compare Oracle Databases and Synchronize Oracle Data in the Easiest Way

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle is a powerful, fast, and easy-to-use tool for Oracle database comparison and synchronization. It helps you quickly compare data in tables, find the differences at a glance, and generate a script to effortlessly synchronize data. All this is done in a clear graphical interface.

The Oracle data compare tool will be a great help in lowering application lifecycle costs through automation and will reduce downtime caused by application changes.

Why need an Oracle data compare tool?

Oracle Data Compare Tool

Typically, dbForge Data Compare for Oracle is used in environments that share a database object at multiple databases. The tool is essential when:

  • Databases went out of sync due to network outage or human errors
  • Databases differ in structure and need custom data synchronization
  • Data replication features are not available because you run Oracle standard edition
  • You are moving data between environments when developing and don't need replication

What can Oracle DBAs and developers do with such tool?

Oracle DBAs: Compare, Analyze, Synchronize
  • Compare data in Oracle databases to detect changes
  • Analyze data differences between two databases
  • Synchronize two databases that went out of sync
  • Generate data comparison reports in Excel and HTML formats
  • Generate SQL*Plus script to update data in one database to match another
  • Copy look-up data from development database to production

How will an enterprise benefit from dbForge Data Compare?

Oracle Data Compare Performance
  • Reduce system downtime caused by data replication errors and speed up the recovery
  • Accelerate application development thanks to fast deployment of data changes
  • Enable data synchronization for databases that run on Oracle standard edition
  • Build custom data synchronization scenarios at low cost
Oracle Data Compare Benefits

Why choose our instrument?

  • Custom data synchronization scenarios that are not available with standard Oracle packages
  • Outstanding performance when comparing large databases
  • Wide support of Oracle server versions
Part of dbForge Studio for Oracle

If you need data comparison functionality together with functionality for performing other database-related tasks, try out dbForge Studio for Oracle, Professional Edition.

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Oracle Data Compare