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Review Assistant is a code review plugin for Visual Studio. Our tool helps you to create review requests and respond to them without leaving Visual Studio.

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Peer code review helps to improve code quality and ship software with less defects. And Review Assistant helps you to automate the process with minimum overhead.

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Not using code review? Check out the code review benefits to see it's for you.

Code discussion

  • Add you comments at the review level, or specific source code blocks or lines.
  • Initiate threaded code discussions with your team members without scheduled meetings.
  • Mark comments and defects that need to be fixed

Instant switch from review to editing

Integration with Visual Studio gives you another benefit: you can start editing code right away. Just click a comment on the review board, jump to the code editor, and you are ready to fix the bugs.

Review comments in the code editor

When you re-work you code after review, you can see review comments next to code in the editor. You edit the code, mark comments as closed and they disappear from the editor.

Incremental review

Often, you need to review the same code multiple times. Reviewers find bugs, the author changes the code. Review Assistant allows you to have several iterations within the same review's context.

Source control clients integrated into the review process

Using external version control clients like TortoiseSVN? Connect them with Review Assistant using Code Compare. Add review comments to source code while comparing file revisions.

Flexible workflow

Review Assistant has a flexible review workflow:

  • Only necessary review states are supported.
  • Three main roles: author, reviewer, and moderator (optional).
  • Discussions and defects statuses are not strict.

Review Assistant is targeted at developers who use Visual Studio. It supports Visual Studio 2012 and 2010. Our code review tool integrates with following version control systems:

  • Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Git
  • Subversion (SVN)
  • Mercurial (Hg)
  • Perforce

Review Assistant supports post-commit review process for all supported source control systems and optional pre-commit review for TFS. Following article explains the difference between post-commit and pre-commit code review.

You can say: "Microsoft has already provided Code Review feature for Visual Studio. Why make another tool?"

We strongly believe that our tool delivers a unique value to the users. Check out the Visual Studio Code Review vs Review Assistant article for more information.

Additional Benefits

Here are the additional benefits of using Review Assistant. With our code review software you can:

Start free and scale later

Introducing code review process into your company? Pick a team of 3 developers and start reviewing code at no cost. Buy Review Assistant for the entire company when you are ready to scale.

Review projects, not code snippets

Unlike standalone tools, Review Assistant plug-in brings code review right into Visual Studio. You review work in the context of a project that is much easier than reviewing separate code snippets and files.

Code review at a fraction of the usual cost

Review Assistant provides code review process automation for a fraction of competitors products' price. This is a low-risk purchase. See Review Assistant pricing information.

Simple Setup

Get up and running in 5 five minutes. No tedious review server installation procedure. Default Review Assistant setup requires virtually no manual customization.

Don't hesitate, start using Review Assistant for free!

Code Review Tool for Visual Studio - Review Assistant