MySQL Synchronization Tools

No doubt that everyone who works with MySQL server databases encounters situations where schema and data of databases should be synchronized. And when this happens, you learn to appreciate a reliable database synchronization tool you can use in any complex situation. Such tool is MySQL Sync supplied with dbForge Studio.

dbForge Studio for MySQL delivers data and schema sync tools!

Database Synchronization

Key Features

  • Quick MySQL schema and data comparison with MySQL sync tools
  • Convenient display of differences, grouping, filtering
  • Several synchronization ways to choose from
  • Well-tested functionality, created by developers for developers and DBAs
  • Free 30-day usage of the MySQL sync tools in a dbForge Studio trial!

Synchronize both database schema and data

Our MySQL synchronization tool set contains two instruments, not just one. With the first one, you will easily transfer database schema changes between various MySQL databases. The other instrument will help migrate new and updated data.

Use MySQL sync tools to analyze schema differences

Clear display of schema differences with filtering, grouping, preview of DDL differences in every compared object will give you full control over database schema changes. To track changes, you can use our MySQL synchronization tools to generate accurate comparison reports.

See data differences automatically grouped

After comparing MySQL databases, MySQL data sync tool automatically groups all data differences by status: identical, different, only in source, etc. You gain clear insight into what has been changed without any effort.

Select different synchronization ways

Both schema and data synchronization instruments available in MySQL sync tool set offer several ways of database synchronization. If you work with a staging server, you can use one of our MySQL synchronization tools to generate and save a SQL script with schema or data changes to run it later on a production server. Besides, you can execute the script directly against the database.

Automate daily MySQL synchronization via command line interface

With the command line option and a Windows task scheduler you can set up daily synchronization between two MySQL servers. So schema and data synchronization will be done without your help. To control the result, you can use logs generated by dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Compare and synchronize project with database

Now it is possible to compare and synchronize not only two databases but a project with a database as well. To learn more about synchronization a project with a database, refer to the Comparing Schema and Project topic in the dbForge Studio for MySQL documentation.

Online Tutorial

Read The Basics of Qualitative Schema Comparison article to get automated database synchronization.

See Also

Use the article dbForge Data Compare for MySQL Tour to follow the steps for easy data comparison and synchronization.

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