dbForge SQL Complete: The Mastery of Effective SQL Coding

This course will help you level up your routine SQL coding with dbForge SQL Complete, a powerful add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio. You will learn the secrets of fast and error-free coding, flexible formatting, and efficient debugging.

  • 3 Modules
  • 9 Lessons
  • 20min

Exploring the Features of dbForge SQL Complete

This video offers an in-depth exploration of dbForge SQL Complete, a robust add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio, which focuses on context-aware code completion, formatting, debugging, and refactoring.

Enhancing SQL Code Quality

Discover how SQL Complete keeps the quality of SQL code at an all-time high. Learn how to perform database refactoring, detect invalid objects, and leverage T-SQL debugging capabilities.

Improving Coding Productivity

Learn how to speed up routine SQL coding using relevant object suggestions, instant syntax validation, simplified code navigation, and quick access to database object information.

A Guide to Tuning Up dbForge SQL Complete

Get valuable tips on tuning up SQL Complete. Learn how to customize environment coloring, restore closed tabs and document sessions, as well as set up notifications for risky statements and reminders for uncommitted transactions.

How to Debug Code and Scripts

Learn how to troubleshoot scripts, stored procedures, triggers, and functions using the integrated T-SQL Debugger, which allows observing the runtime behavior of database objects and locating logic errors.

How to Manipulate SQL Data Effortlessly

See how to make data management simple with SQL Complete. Learn how to search, visualize, copy, and export data from the SSMS results grid in a matter of moments.

How to Create, Use, and Share SQL Snippets

Make the most out of the collection of SQL snippets provided by SQL Complete. Learn how to create custom snippets, modify the predefined ones, use them, and share them with your teammates.

How to Format SQL Code

Discover how to use and automate code formatting with SQL Complete. Learn how to effortlessly format SQL queries, apply automatic code formatting rules, and format multiple files simultaneously.

How to Create and Utilize Formatting Profiles

This video demonstrates the simplicity of formatting SQL files using the integrated SQL Formatter Wizard. See how SQL Complete can help you introduce consistent SQL coding standards across your organization.