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TCRGrid Enhanced VCL Data-Aware Grid Control

TCRDBGrid component addresses extended functionality commonly not found in TDBGrid component. Following picture summarizes capabilities of TCRDBGrid component:


Use TCRDBGrid component to add the following features to your existing projects with TDBGrid already in them:

  • Proportional sizing and stretching of columns so that they cover entire grid area
  • Visual feedback when cell is not wide enough to display the whole value. In this case either partial value with ellipsis or a sharp ('#') sign is displayed as a substitute
  • Status bar for total record number and summary statistics
  • Multilevel nested column headers
  • Column sizing command to fit every cell value for that column (double-click column headers separator to size associated column)
  • Multiple sorting on selected columns (hold SHIFT down while clicking column headers to set multiple sorted columns; hold CTRL down and click columns area to remove sorting)
  • Memo fields are allowed for editing
  • Search bar
  • Filter bar

Here is the list of products where TCRDBGrid is included: