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Below are some resources to help you get more out of dbForge Studio for MySQL Server

Best MySQL IDE for Really Effective Development

A powerful integrated development environment for MySQL management, administration, development, data reporting, and analysis.

Useful Videos

Сreate a simple connection

Establish connections via clean UI and see how easy you can manage, export, and import created connections inside dbForge Studio for MySQL.

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Create HTTP connection

Explore how you can upload .php files using FTP client, setup HTTP connection settings, and verify the established connection.

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Debug MySQL procedures

See how you can deploy the debug engine, use it on MySQL procedures, interrupt it using breakpoints, and evaluate variables' values.

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Backup and restore MySQL database

Learn how to preset backup options, save backup projects, and restore databases without executing commands using Data Pump utility.

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Export and import data

Explore the importing capabilities from .xls files and append this data to the existing tables. Learn how to export data to SQL files.

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Reverse engineer MySQL database objects

Boost yourself with generating diagrams and SQL scripts for objects, create database documents, and view table properties, table or view dependencies.

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Migrate MySQL databases

Migrate between MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora, and other databases between the same or different instances using Copy and Backup/Restore methods.

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Develop MySQL Databases with Database Projects feature

Create new database projects, commit changes in version control, synchronize databases, and track the differences that were made in them.

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To get started quickly, take a look at these guides:

Managing databases

Create, attach, copy, and restore databases for all kinds of operations.

Exporting and importing data

Export and import data in tons of different file formats.

Analyzing data

Enjoy a multitude of ways to make your data look like a fine-tuned report.

Comparing databases

Dissect data and see data differences based on hundreds of parameters.