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Below are some resources to help you get more out of Data Generator for SQL Server.

Massive SQL Server tool for generating large volumes of data

Create databases from scratch and populate them with realistic data for all kinds of purposes in your future operations.

Useful Videos

Populating SQL Server databases with meaningful test data

Learn how to easily set up data generation, customize data generators, and generate population scripts to make it an easy affair.

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Learn about data generation in Studio for SQL Server

Explore the enhanced possibilities when using basic and meaningful generators to streamline data generation process and add as much data as possible.

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To get started quickly, take a look at these guides:

Using generators

Empower yourself with 15+ basic and 190+ meaningful data generators and explore the ways to set them up.

Populating databases

Check out the simple steps to set up data generation in a user-friendly interface.

Creating custom generators

See how you can create custom generators and set them up to perform the way you want.

Using command line

Find out the ways to generate data, format code, execute scripts using the command line.