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Must-have SQL Server tools and tools for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL database development, management and administration

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The most trusted solutions for your data connectivity needs: ADO.NET, ODBC, SSIS, Excel, dbExpress, Delphi Components

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Write code, create reviews, compare sources, track the working hours with the web app, utilize the power of ORM Solutions

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Data integration, online backup, web-based SQL tools, cloud connectivity solution
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Individual Tools Integration Regular Price Bundle Price
dbForge SQL Complete
$199.95 OVER 55% OFF
dbForge Source Control
$249.95 OVER 55% OFF
dbForge Unit Test
$199.95 OVER 55% OFF
dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server
$299.95 OVER 55% OFF
dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server
$299.95 OVER 55% OFF
dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server
$249.95 OVER 55% OFF
dbForge Documenter for SQL Server
$149.95 OVER 55% OFF
dbForge Data Pump
$149.95 OVER 55% OFF
dbForge Index Manager
$99.95 OVER 55% OFF
dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server
$99.95 OVER 55% OFF
dbForge Search
dbForge Monitor
dbForge Event Profiler for SQL Server
dbForge SQL Decryptor
    Total: $1949.50 Bundle Price: $849.95

When you purchase the tools separately, the overall cost is $1949.50

When you purchase the bundle, you pay $849.95 only

You save $1099.55

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Professional Edition

Essential set of tools for database developers and administrators.
One year support and upgrades is included by default. You can
extend this period for up to three years with a significant discount.

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