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Best SQL Server IDE for Really Effective Development

A powerful integrated development environment for SQL Server management, administration, development, data reporting, and analysis.

Useful Videos

dbForge Studio for SQL Server Overview

Explore the set of powerful tools included in dbForge Studio for SQL Server and what they can do in a brief features overview.

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Session Restore

See how you can easily restore file tabs, set up restore options, view created files, and correctly save files without restore options.

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Using Connection Categories

Learn how to set up connection categories, change document's category, and create new categories using Database Connection Properties.

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Quick Backup and Schema Compare

Unveil the best practices for database backup, database comparison against a backup file, comparison report generation, and sync scripts usage.

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SQL Server Data Generator

Create your own databases using basic and advanced generators, populate tables with data via simple clicks, and make them look the way you prefer.

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Data Comparison and Sync Tool

See how to transfer database contents, compare source and target databases, generate comparison reports, and synchronize them using deployment scripts.

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To get started quickly, take a look at these guides:

Managing databases

Set up, edit, duplicate, or view databases to prepare them for further activities.

Executing scripts in command line

See how you can automate scripts execution by utilizing the command line interface.

Managing database objects

Explore the ways you can create and manipulate database objects.

Reporting data

Enjoy making reports plain and easy to read via several clicks with tens of features available.