Data Access Components Testimonials

Best database access components for enterprise business software application development.

Steve Faleiro, Delphi Developer from Goa, India

Devart makes the best and up-to-date software and database developer tools for use by software developers to produce high quality, line of business software applications. I have used Devart's UniDAC for many years to develop enterprise-grade Windows Delphi apps targeting many different database servers and have come to trust their products consistent performance, quality and ease of use. A highly recommended vendor for your IT / software shop.

Steve Faleiro, Delphi Developer from Goa, India

I just wanted to say thanks to the Devart team for a great product. UniDac succesfully compiled on my linux X64 box with Lazarus / FPC and it also succesfully compiled on my Raspberry Pi with Lazarus / FPC. Well done guys I am really impressed.

Peter Grimes, Director, Grimes Computer Support

Yes!!! Thank you!!!! That worked great! and I LOVE your UniDAC!!! I am coming from a competitor product and I am soooooo happy to be using UniDAC!!!!! I am looking forward to converting our other systems!!

Raymond Schappe, Senior Technology Specialist, Isthmus Technology Solutions, LLC

I'am using the Devart (Core lab's) products (Mydac, Odac, Unidac) since the year 2004.
And I always be very satisfied with the Devart's products and technical support.

Stéphane Deriaz, Managing director, Bluelib Sàrl, Switzerland

Two of my projects already using that old version for years and quite stable. Even old it still powerful! you may proud of that.

Ricky J., Software Engineer, PT Arham Alam (Indonesia)

By the way, I have been using the UniDac 3 components for the last week or so, (I did not use version 2.0 as I needed support for Advantage). I find the components excellent. I don't know why someone has not thought of such an idea up until now. Anyway, brilliant work, well done to you all!!!

Robert N. Harris