About the program

Devart values the loyalty of its customers. Our company is happy to offer special discounts to those clients who have already used our products and are ready to share their experience.

Tell about your favorite Devart product on Stack Overflow and get a substantial discount on the renewal of the current license or a license for a new product.

Easy steps to save on Devart licenses 

01. Free consulting
02. Dedicated Manager
03. Wide range of database tool
What are the conditions to participate in the Educational Discount Program

What do you need to do to participate in our Discount Program?

Fulfill one of the below conditions and send a link or a screenshot to pr@devart.com. Don’t forget to mention the product you want to receive a discount on.

  • Create a thread or a post on Stack Overflow about any Devart product you have used. Get your 15% discount for a new product license or the renewal of your current Devart product license.
  • Leave a comment under a specific thread on Stack Overflow mentioning the Devart product you have used and get your 10% discount on a new Devart product license or the renewal of your current product license.
  • Write a review of your favorite Devart products in one of the catalogs - GetApp, SoftwateAdvice, or Capterra. Get a 10% discount on renewing your current Devart product license or purchasing a new product.
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