dotConnect for PostgreSQL Testimonials

The best product for developing data-related applications, and it provides a GUI Interface which is very user-friendly and can easily be implemented and fulfill your task in a better way.

Muhammad Hamza, student, Government College University Lahore

Thanks a lot for your fast support and many thanks to the Devart Team for this great software!

René Möller, Thesycon Systemsoftware & Consulting GmbH

Greetings... and thanks for a great product.. I did some experimenting this past spring with several products and I have settled on this one hands down..

This is a great product and when it comes time for some future projects I'll be working on, I'll get it for other databases as well.

Thanks SO much..

Ron Park

Very satisfied with the Devart Entity Framework .NET provider btw. Works very nice!

Tim van Rooijen