Data Access Components Testimonials

We have developed a client server application using Oracle 11.g in a biggest Hospital in Greece about 400 users (Delphi5 and ODAC 6.9) this is working fantastic...

Evangelos Bekyros, Executive Manager of Pefki Software Company

We have developed an ERP system for a wet glue label printer company. The 280 users are using the application in a 7*24 hour production. With SDAC we have implemented fast performing client applications, production systems which are easy to install and maintain. Since The software is over 2 million lines of code the use of the right dataset componentset is critical. We think using Devart SDAC is for us the best choice, because no additional drivers need to be installed, it performs well even on the older machines and the quality is excellent.

Olivier Olmer, Oxolutions BV

We do actually use SDAC, MyDAC, IBDAC and ODAC, in some of our software solutions we use even more than two of them at the same time. I personally think that Devart's DAC libraries for Delphi were our best buy, and helped us a lot in database applications development.

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Mr. Davor Tavcar, head of Development department, Storitve Tavcar in partnerji d.n.o.