LinqConnect Testimonials

.. you can choose with Devart's components, if you wish to develop Linq to (any ADO.NET based database) like: Linq to MySQL, Linq to MSSQL, Linq to Oracle, Linq to Postgres...

So, Devart was the first around the web, which provided such a tool in a professional way. In the early days, there have been really big and basic problems. But Now, this software has become a very well working component. The problems, which are still in the software, are most very specific problems, which can be handled with little workarounds. So, what I try to say is, that this software is prooved and works fast and without problems.

If the other components are working this professional way, I don't know.

Harald Bacik, Intelli Soft, Owner

Where have you been all my life ? I have stuck to linq2sql since 2008 and never upgraded to any of the EF versions, that now are all dumped again and changed for .net5. Your tool brings a truly great designer and generation tool that i had running with a proof of concept within a few hours, and is a true no brainer to move to to cover both the currect framework and net5

A simple stackoverflow answer that pointed to linqconnect was all it took in the end. Congratulations on a affordable tool that is very well build and easy to implement in my workflow.

You gained one happy customer today :)

Bob Noordam, De Roode Roos BV, Enterprise Software developer