Data Access Components Testimonials

Let me tell you that I think the MyDAC component set is first class. It is the best way to access mySQL databases from Delphi.

Matthew Vesperman, Admin at Angelic Technology.

I made all tests and everythings work perfectly !!! Include the fantastic MyDac component !!!

Leopoldo Barzi, IT Director at Bijouterie Atibaia, Brazil.

This year we upgraded to professional. We implemented the backup system in our software. One of our customers is happy to say that your tool saved their business.

Taco Wijtzes, CEO of QMS software, WFC Food Safety.

Don't wish to pester you but I thought its nice to praise when due. We wished to migrate CDS dbs to SQL, whilst still maintaining live systems under existing equipment. MyDAC has turned a nightmare project into a dream. Very well done to all you guys - An excellent job.

Graham Bolderson, Managing director, JayBox Ltd.

I'am using the Devart (Core lab's) products (Mydac, Odac, Unidac) since the year 2004.
And I always be very satisfied with the Devart's products and technical support.

Stéphane Deriaz, Managing director, Bluelib Sàrl, Switzerland

We use the MySQL Data Access Components to manage a complete soccer league database system. The database handles teams, playing dates, results, and other properties of each match in the league. Also a complete referee managment system is build around the MyDAC. Each week about 70.000 values are send to the MySQL database using your MySQL components. The database tables are intensive searched by multiple users without any problems.
So we may say that your components are very good and stable. Keep up the good work!