Data Access Components Testimonials

Just wanted to say I thing the PgDAC components are the best on the market for Delphi and the fact you don't need libpq.dll is simply amazing and is a huge advantage when using PostgreSQL in a corporate environment as you dont have to worry about deploying libpq.dll, and unless you compile your own libpq.dll, the stock ones have tons of dependencies that you also have to included with your app, but not with Devart! :)

Tony Caduto, AM Software Design, Lightning Admin for PostgreSQL developer

Devart makes the best and up-to-date software and database developer tools for use by software developers to produce high quality, line of business software applications. I have used Devart's UniDAC for many years to develop enterprise-grade Windows Delphi apps targeting many different database servers and have come to trust their products consistent performance, quality and ease of use. A highly recommended vendor for your IT / software shop.

Steve Faleiro, Delphi Developer from Goa, India