Universal Data Access Components Features

Supported Target Platforms

  • Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • macOS
  • iOS, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Android
  • Linux, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • FreeBSD, 32-bit and 64-bit

General usability

  • Direct access to server data. Does not require installation of other data provider layers (such as BDE)
  • Access without using client library [ Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DBF ]
  • Interface compatible with standard data access methods, such as BDE and ADO
  • VCL, LCL and FMX versions of library available
  • Separated run-time and GUI specific parts allow you to create pure console applications such as CGI
  • Unicode support
  • National charset support [ Oracle, MySQL, InterBase, PostgreSQL ]
  • Unified SQL for writing server-independent queries
  • Highly usable design time support
  • Easy to deploy

Network and connectivity

  • Disconnected Mode with automatic connection control for working with data offline
  • Local Failover for detecting connection loss and implicitly reexecuting certain operations
  • Ability to search for installed servers in a local network [ SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL ]
  • Connection timeout management [ Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC  ]
  • Support for OS authentication
  • Support for Proxy Authentication
  • Support for the change expired password
  • Support for both IPv6?and Ipv4 protocol


  • Full support of the latest server versions
  • Support for embedded server versions
  • Compatible with Delphi 6, 7, C++Builder 6, Borland Delphi Studio 2006, Code Gear RAD Studio 2007, 2009, Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, Seattle, Berlin, Tokyo
  • Support for Lazarus 1.6.4 and FPC 3.0.2 for Windows, macOS and Unix
  • Wide reporting component support, including support for InfoPower, ReportBuilder, FastReport
  • Support for all standard and third-party visual data-aware controls
  • Allows you to use Professional Edition of Delphi and C++Builder to develop client/server applications

Server-specific features


  • Multiple Oracle Homes support
  • Oracle sequence support
  • Direct LOB access support
  • Temporary LOB management routines
  • Temporary LOBs for updating LOB fields
  • OCI Connection Pooling, Proxy Session Pooling, and Statement Caching
  • Oracle optimizer control
  • DBMS_ALERT support with the TUniAlerter component
  • Oracle package support
  • Oracle 9i scrollable cursor support
  • DML array operations support
  • ProxySession support
  • External Procedure support
  • ROWID values retrieval
  • Overloaded stored procedures support
  • Support for WITH FUNCTION clause

SQL Server

  • Possibility to change application name for a connection
  • Possibility to change workstation identifier for a connection
  • Configuration of OEM/ANSI character translation
  • Enhanced support for SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Enhanced support for User-defined Types of SQL Server
  • Ability to lock records and tables


  • HANDLER syntax support
  • Transaction isolation level support
  • Possibility to retrieve last auto-incremented value
  • Session identifer retrieval
  • Server object information retrieval
  • Row-level and table-level locking support


  • Advanced BLOB support
  • Streaming (non-caching) BLOB access support
  • Advanced generator support
  • Advanced support for the character set OCTETS
  • Support for the Firebird 2 EXECUTE BLOCK syntax
  • Support for the Firebird 2 RETURNING clause
  • Advanced locking for Firebird 2
  • Automatic updates by DB_KEY unique field for Firebird 2
  • Multiple transactions support with the TUniTransaction component
  • InterBase events support with the TUniAlerter component
  • Comprehensive array data type support
  • Default value support for stored procedures
  • InterBase services components for configuring server parameters and security
  • Support for the Firebird 3 BOOLEAN datatype
  • Support for the Firebird 2.1 trusted authentication


  • Advanced sequences support
  • Advanced Large Objects support
  • Ability to control Fetch block size
  • Returning result sets from stored procedures
  • SSL support
  • Notifications support with the TUniAlerter component
  • Support for PostgreSQL Asynchronous Notification with the TUniAlerter component
  • Supports the possibility of retrieving last inserted OID value
  • Advanced errors support
  • Support for the PostgreSQL notices


  • Support for all commonly used data types
  • Support for autoincrement fields
  • Possibility to retrieve last auto-incremented value
  • SQLite database encryption in Direct mode using different encryption algorithms
  • Data Type Mapping
  • Support for automatic database creation on connect
  • Support for Shared-Cache mode
  • Support for SQLite user-defined functions
  • Support for SQLite user-defined collations
  • Support for SQLite extensions loaing
  • Support for SQLite R*Tree module
  • Support for SQLite FTS3 and FTS4 extensions
  • Support for multi-SQL statements executing


  • Support for all commonly used data types
  • Support for native MongoDB query and update commands syntax
  • Support for displaying/modifying documents using regular data-aware controls like TDBGrid
  • Support for simply modifying documents in code using "fluent" interface
  • Support for reading/writing documents in the Extended JSON format
  • Support for working with collections via regular SQL using VirtualDAC


  • Advanced sequences support
  • Schema and function path support


  • Support for a variety of database formats: dBaseIII-dBase10, dBase for Windows, HiPer-Six, FoxPro 2, Visual FoxPro
  • Support for all native data types
  • Support for autoincrement fields
  • Support for .dbt (dBase), .fpt (FoxPro) and .smt (HiPer-Six) MEMOs
  • Support for .mdx (dBaseIV+) and .cdx (Visual FoxPro) indexes
  • Support for index management commands: CREATE/DROP INDEX


  • High overall performance
  • Fast controlled fetch of large data blocks
  • Optimized string data storing
  • Advanced connection pooling
  • High performance of applying cached updates with batches
  • Caching of calculated and lookup fields
  • Fast Locate in a sorted DataSet
  • Preparing of user-defined update statements
  • High performance batch processing
  • Intelligent fetch block size control
  • Advanced connection pooling
  • SmartFetch Mode enabling fast bi-directional navigation through large datasets

Local data storage operations

  • Database-independent data storage with TVirtualTable component
  • CachedUpdates operation mode
  • Local sorting and filtering, including by calculated and lookup fields
  • Local master/detail relationship
  • Master/detail relationship in CachedUpdates mode

Data access and data management automation

  • Automatic data updating with TUniQuery, TUniTable, and TUniStoredProc components
  • Automatic record refreshing and locking
  • Automatic query preparing
  • SmartRefresh option allows you to synchronize two or more datasets automatically
  • Support for ftWideMemo field type in Delphi 2006 and higher
  • Data Type Mapping
  • Support for Data Encryption in a client application

Extended data access functionality

  • Separate component for executing SQL statements
  • Simplified access to table data with TUniTable component
  • Ability to retrieve metadata information with TUniMetaData component
  • BLOB compression support
  • Support for using macros in SQL
  • FmtBCD fields support
  • Ability to customize update commands by attaching external components to TUniUpdateSQL objects
  • Deferred detail DataSet refresh in master/detail relationships
  • MIDAS technology support
  • UniDataAdapter component for WinForms and ASP.NET applications
  • Distributed transactions support with the TUniTransaction component [ Oracle, SQL Server ]
  • Default value support for stored procedures
  • RefreshQuick method [ SQL Server, MySQL ]
  • Fast record insertion with TUniLoader component
  • NonBlocking mode allows background executing and fetching data in separate threads
  • LargeInt fields support
  • Object-oriented building of SELECT statements

Data exchange

  • Transferring data between all types of TDataSet descendants with TCRBatchMove component
  • Data export and import to/from XML (ADO format)
  • Ability to synchronize positions in different DataSets
  • Extended data management with TUniDump component

Script execution

  • Advanced script execution features with the TUniScript component
  • Support for executing individual statements in scripts
  • Support for executing huge scripts stored in files with dynamic loading
  • Ability to use standard clients tool syntax in scripts

SQL Execution monitoring

  • Extended SQL tracing capabilities provided by the TUniSQLMonitor component and dbMonitor
  • Borland SQL Monitor support
  • Ability to send messages to dbMonitor from any point in your program

Visual extensions

  • Includes the source code of enhanced TCRDBGrid data-aware grid control
  • Customizable connection dialog

Design-time enhancements

  • DataSet Manager tool to control DataSet instances in the project
  • Advanced design-time component and property editors
  • Automatic design-time component linking
  • Easy migration from BDE and ADO with Migration Wizard
  • More convenient data source setup with the TUniDataSource component
  • Syntax highlighting in the design-time editors

Product clarity

  • Complete documentation sets
  • A large amount of helpful demo projects

Licensing and support

  • Included annual UniDAC Subscription with Priority Support
  • Licensed royalty-free per developer, per team, or per site