Best Visual SQL Joins Explained with Examples

This white paper contains a short illustrated guide to the different types of SQL Server JOINs and covers the following sections:

  • The fundamentals – the section explores what the JOINs essentially are and what purposes they can serve in your everyday working routine.
  • Types of SQL JOINs – the section lists basic types of JOINs and briefly defines them. The next six sections describe the types of JOINs in more detail: INNER JOIN, SELF JOIN, CROSS JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN, RIGHT OUTER JOIN, FULL OUTER JOIN.
  • JOIN algorithms – the section reviews different physical operators that determine how SQL Server joins tables together.
  • Best practices – the section provides you with some tips to make your work with JOINs most effective.

The current white paper describes different types of SQL Server JOINs including clear explanations along with basic syntax and code examples that users may apply in their workflow. Moreover, the readers will get comprehensive information about the best practices that can make working with JOINs most effective.

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