Your handy guide to Database DevOps

This white paper contains a convenient illustrated guide to DevOps implementation and covers the following sections:

  • What is DevOps? – the section explores what DevOps is, its role in development quality, and what a typical DevOps cycle looks like.
  • Goals of DevOps – the section lists the goals of DevOps and briefly defines them.
  • The benefits of DevOps implementation – the section reviews the perks that come with the DevOps implementation.
  • Integration – the section provides you with a list of handy plugins to effectively automate your database-related operations.
  • Statistics – in this section, you will find a diagram illustrating the impact DevOps integration has had on companies over time.
  • Best practices for database DevOps - learn how to set up an effective DevOps cycle.
  • Examples - the section suggests different SQL tools to use on different stages of the development process: Development, Testing, Deployment, and Operation.

The current white paper describes what DevOps is, what are its goals and benefits that come with it, as well as the tools that can make DevOps integration way easier. Moreover, the reader will be able to get comprehensive information about the best practices that make working with DevOps most effective.

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