Writing PostgreSQL queries tutorial with examples

The current white paper contains tips, tricks, comprehensive definitions, and examples, along with the best practices to apply when writing PostgreSQL queries in a convenient PostgreSQL GUI tool.

Best practices for writing
PostgreSQL queries

We have divided this white paper into five informative topics:

  • PostgreSQL REPLACE Queries — in this section, you will find 5 useful tricks for finding and replacing text in PostgreSQL.
  • PostgreSQL UPDATE with JOIN Queries — the section includes 3 tips for running SQL UPDATE with JOIN in PostgreSQL.
  • PostgreSQL INSERT INTO SELECT Queries — find the easiest ways to handle duplicates in this section.
  • PostgreSQL DELETE Queries — this section offers 5 useful DELETE syntax tips for PostgreSQL developers.
  • PostgreSQL Index Examples — 16 index examples, which you can use to speed up your SQL queries, are listed in the last section of the white paper.

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How does the white paper help learn PostgreSQL queries?

Devart has been dealing with relational databases, including PostgreSQL, for several decades now. During this time we have accumulated some practical knowledge that we would like to share. Besides applying this experience to the features of dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL, we decided to also systematize it and mold it into a short and comprehensive form — white papers.

White papers like this one contain the quintessence of the most important tips and tricks features of dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL that will help you grasp PostgreSQL on the fly and save the time you might have spent researching.

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