How to Optimize SQL Query Performance – Professional Tips and Techniques

SQL query optimization is the process of improving query performance with the help of specific coding tips and techniques. Code optimization helps SQL developers make their queries faster, minimize resource consumption, and identify and eliminate performance issues.

The current White Paper How to Tune and Optimize SQL Server Queries aims to equip SQL Server specialists with the most efficient techniques for tuning query performance. In particular, it covers the following areas:

  • Index management – missing indexes and unused indexes.
  • SELECT statement tips – the usage of SELECT DISTINCT, SELECT TOP and SELECT *
  • Using JOINs in queries – the usage of specific JOIN types
  • General tips – the usage of wildcards, hints, and performance schedule

The guideline focuses on practical tips – it provides numerous real-life examples on how to optimize SQL query and illustrates them with working scripts. Comments from the SQL Server professionals help the readers master these query optimization techniques most effectively.

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