Data Export and Import Tools for MySQL

Do you need a MySQL import tool, and do you also prefer to have a MySQL export tool together with it? Then you've found what you were looking for. With dbForge Studio for MySQL, you can export data from tables or views of your MySQL database, and after that you will be able to insert the exported data into the table you need using our MySQL import tool.

dbForge Studio for MySQL delivers data import/export tools!

While working with MySQL databases, you can use the application's migration utility to migrate MySQL data to a new database after an upgrade or creating a backup. With the help of MySQL export tool you can easily export MySQL table data to different file formats. Once the table data was exported, you can import it any time using MySQL import tool.

dbForge Export and Import

Key Features

  • MySQL data export to 12 popular formats
  • Data import from 8 popular formats into MySQL table
  • Multitude of options to customize data import and export
  • Easy-to-follow data export and import wizards
  • Well-tested functionality, created by developers for developers
  • Free 30-day usage in a dbForge Studio trial!

Thanks. I did import at once, without any problems. I've tried 8 converters and got errors with any of them. Some of them failed to detect encoding, others required to remove object dependencies, or data formats were incompatible... In general, you have just perked me up!!!

Anatoly Terehov, owner of IT University, Co Ltd

Data Import

If you have to import data to tables of MySQL databases, you can rely upon dbForge Studio. The MySQL import tool available in it will perform import the way you would like it to be performed. It allows users to import data from eight widely-used formats and tune the MySQL import process accurately.

In dbForge Studio, MySQL import tool is represented as a well-designed comprehensive wizard, where each step of the process is represented on a separate page. Besides, you have a possibility of saving import templates that can be used afterwards to import data via this very wizard or through the command line.

Data Import Wizard capabilities:

  • Import from 8 widely-used data formats (Text, MS Excel, MS Excel 2007, MS Access, XML, CSV, DBF (Foxpro, dBase III, dBase IV, dBase 7), ODBC)
  • Templates to save import settings for each data format
  • Import to existing or new tables
  • Preview of imported data
  • Selecting data formats and column settings for imported data
  • Selecting import modes: Append, Update, Append/Update, Delete, Repopulate
  • Bulk insert to speed up import
  • Setting up errors handling
  • Generating a log file with import session details

Find out more about MySQL Data Import feature in our blog:

How To: Import Data to MySQL from Text File

Data Export

Along with the MySQL import tool, dbForge Studio delivers a data export tool as well. It can export data to ten widely-used formats, and you can adjust the export process the way you need.

MySQL data export can be performed with the help of a wizard. In the wizard, you can easily select tables or views to export data from, select columns or a range of columns for export, and adjust formatting options (for text formats). Also you can save a template with the needed settings to be used afterwards in the wizard or through the command line.

MySQL Data Export Wizard offers:

  • Export to 12 widely-used data formats (HTML, Text, MS Excel, MS Excel 2007, MS Access, RTF, PDF, XML, CSV, DBF, ODBC, DBF (Foxpro, dBase III, dBase IV, dBase 7), SQL)
  • Export from tables, views, or queries
  • Templates to save export settings for each data format
  • Selecting columns and a range of rows for export
  • Setting up fonts and colors for graphical formats
  • Selecting formatting for text formats
  • Setting up data formats for exported data
  • Page setup for RTF, PDF, MS Excel formats
  • Unicode support


Features Express Standard Professional
Data export Click to view restrictions Yes Yes
Data import Click to view restrictions Yes Yes
Command line support No No Yes

* CSV format has no restrictions for data export and import, for other formats only first 50 rows are processed. User templates are not supported.

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