Compare and Sync Folders with Code Compare


If you are searching for a superior software to compare folders, look no further. Advanced directory compare utility, implemented in Code Compare tool can easily solve every possible problem caused by folder differences. Files from a project developed by a whole team of developers can quickly become a mess. The proposed solution allows detecting the tiniest changes between folders by means of comparing and merging the entire folder hierarchy.

While applicable to all kinds of files, folder synchronization utility is especially useful for comparison of source code or web pages. The differences are highlighted using standard colors, set in the Options menu of Code Compare. All other Code Compare options are applied for folder merge as well. Also this functionality can help you to compare and merge entire branches taken from the version control system.

Using the synchronize folder popup menu you can not just to compare folders, but also synchronize them.

Basic Operation

You can start to compare folders by selecting two of them in Windows Explorer and choosing Compare with Code Compare option from the context menu. Another way to add your folders is pressing the Browse button in Code Compare and selecting them from the appearing browser window.

The folders are then placed in two panes, with difference highlighted in preset colors, so that you can compare folders just like you compare your files.

From here you can copy added or modified files from one pane into the other by selecting them and choosing the Copy to Right (Left) option from the context menu.

Compare two folders - basic operations


In order to make folder comparison within Code Compare directory compare utility more convenient for you we have included a comprehensive filtration menu, which allows hiding the files and folders you don’t need at the moment.

The folder comparison tool provides a simple way to hide identical files and folders. Just right-click on the control bar and choose Hide identical. The identical files will be excluded from the comparison window making visual comparison even easier for you.

Hiding identical files

The example below shows how to hide *.suo files as well as bin and obj folders.

How to hide *.suo files

Open the Tools -> Options menu, move to the Folder - Filters option and set filtration preferences as required. You can exclude certain file names, extensions or folders from comparison as well as specify the ones to be compared primarily. Other possible filtration criteria include system/hidden files, empty folders and files with certain size or timestamp.

Folder comparison options

Code Compare will filter the chosen content and the resulting folder comparison window will look like this.

Result of folder comparison

For details on the major feature set of our file diff and merge tool, refer to the overview page of Code Compare.