Code Compare Editions

Code Compare is shipped in two editions - Free and Pro.

Free edition of Code Compare enables developers to perform most of the tasks related to source comparison.

Pro edition of Code Compare offers advanced features for source code comparison (for example, structure comparison).

The matrix below shows the difference between Free and Pro editions of Code Compare:

Features Free Pro  
Two-way text comparison and merge Yes Yes Screenshot
Folder comparison and merge Yes Yes Screenshot
Visual Studio integration Yes Yes Screenshot
Windows Explorer integration Yes Yes Screenshot
Command line interface and VCS integration Yes Yes  
Text editor with search and bookmarks Yes Yes  
Use Intellisense while comparing code Yes Yes Screenshot
Syntax highlighting for multiple languages Yes Yes  
Show changes within compared code lines Yes Yes Screenshot
Three-way text comparison and merge No Yes Screenshot
Automatic Files Merging No Yes
Structured code comparison* No Yes Difference
Changes navigation window** No Yes Screenshot
Moved code blocks detection* No Yes Difference
Similar code lines detection No Yes Difference
Code outlining (folding) No Yes Screenshot
Unchanged regions collapsing No Yes Screenshot
Word-by-word text comparison No Yes Difference
Line-by-line text comparison No Yes Difference
Single License Price Free $69.95

* The feature supports the following languages: C#, C++, JavaScript, Java, Visual Basic, and XML.

** Used with the 'Structured code comparison' feature.