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Code Compare Integration with GIT

To use Code Compare with Git, you need to add the following lines to the gitconfig file:

		    [difftool "codecompare"]
			cmd = 'C:\\Program Files\\Devart\\Code Compare\\codecompare.exe' -W \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\" 
			renames = true
            tool = codecompare
            guitool = codecompare
		    [mergetool "codecompare"]
		    cmd = 'C:\\Program Files\\Devart\\Code Compare\\codemerge.exe' -MF \"$LOCAL\" -TF \"$REMOTE\" -BF \"$BASE\" -RF \"$MERGED\" 
            trustExitCode = true
            keepBackup = false
            tool = codecompare
            guitool = codecompare

Note: The global gitconfig file is located in C:\Users\MyLogin\.gitconfig. The config file for a local repository is located in repository root in the ".git" folder (this folder is hidden by default).

For a brief introduction to the features of our diff and merge tool, refer to the product's overview page.