Code Compare Integration with GitKraken

Only a standalone version of Code Compare can be integrated into GitKraken. There is no possibility of integrating GitKraken and Code Compare Visual Studio add-in. Since GitKraken has some access restrictions to its files, documents cannot be opened in Visual Studio.

To configure the integration, you should set the following settings in GitKraken:

Souretree Integration

And add the following lines to the gitconfig file:

[difftool "codecompare"]
cmd = \"C:\\Program Files\\Devart\\Code Compare\\CodeCompare.exe\" -W \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"
renames = true

tool = codecompare
guitool = codecompare
[mergetool "codecompare"]
cmd = \"C:\\Program Files\\Devart\\Code Compare\\CodeMerge.exe\" -MF \"$LOCAL\" -TF \"$REMOTE\" -BF \"$BASE\" -RF \"$MERGED\"
trustExitCode = true
keepBackup = false
tool = codecompare
guitool = codecompare

Note: The global gitconfig file is located in C:\Users\MyLogin\.gitconfig. The config file for a local repository is located in repository root in the ".git" folder (this folder is hidden by default).