Schema Objects Support

With dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle, you can compare and synchronize the following schema objects:

  • Array type
  • Cluster
  • Database link
  • DML trigger
  • Function
  • Java source
  • Materialized view
  • Materialized view log
  • Object type
  • Materialized view log
  • Object type
  • Package
  • Synonym
  • Table
  • Table type
  • View
  • XML schema
  • Package
  • Procedure
  • Sequence

Rich Schema Comparison and Synchronization Options

  • User comments on schema objects
  • Per-object security permissions
  • Multiple Oracle schemas
  • Ignore white spaces and comments in code
  • Ignore differences in identifier and keyword case
  • Compare wrapped and unwrapped PL/SQL objects

Comparison Results Analysis

  • Filter, group, and sort objects in results
  • View DDL differences for each pair of objects
  • Preview schema update script for each object
  • Generate schema comparison report in Excel and HTML formats

Schema Synchronization

  • Multiple ways to synchronize schemas
  • Migrate any schema differences (individual, selected, or all)
  • Dependency check to script objects in the correct order for updates
  • Automatic resolving of synchronization issues
  • Warnings on controversial points prior to synchronization

Routine Tasks Automation

  • Save comparison project settings for future use
  • Use command line interface for automatic routine synchronizations
  • Code formatting
  • Schema export and import

Schema Snapshots and Version Control Integration

  • Schema snapshot generation
  • Schema snapshot generation through the command line
  • Integration with TFS and SVN