7 simple steps to get a discount on a license

01. Fill out the form
02. Get a personal manager
03. Discuss the details with us

Terms and conditions

This discount program is designed for students of accredited educational institutions of any kind and level—schools, colleges, academies, universities, and so on. It is a nice opportunity for those who want to use Devart products for their studies or other purposes.

To get a 50% discount, follow these simple conditions:

  • In order to apply, fill out the form above and provide us with a letter from your school or a picture of your student ID card to confirm your student status.
  • You can get this discount only once.
  • This discount is not stackable.
Note: You can receive only new Single NFR licenses that are not for resale.

This program involves all Devart products, including database tools, data connectivity solutions, data access components, and data services.

Database Tools
ADO.NET Data providers
VCL Data Access Components
dbExpress Drivers

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