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Database Tools

Must-have SQL Server tools and tools for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL database development, management and administration

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The most trusted solutions for your data connectivity needs: ADO.NET, ODBC, SSIS, Excel, dbExpress, Delphi Components

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Write code, create reviews, compare sources, track the working hours with the web app, utilize the power of ORM Solutions

Data Services

Data integration, online backup, web-based SQL tools, cloud connectivity solution

Devart Discount Program for Teachers

If you are a teacher in a university, college, or high school, and you can prove your occupation with a valid email address at an educational institution’s domain name, you are eligible for receiving a substantial discount from Devart.

  • a 30% discount can be obtained in case license is being requested by an educator for using in classrooms for teaching purposes.
  • a 50% discount can be provided by Devart in case an institution features Devart on its Partners page or mentions using Devart products on its website in any other way.

Simply send us an e-mail with the following information about yourself and obtain your discount. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  1. Personal information
    • First name*
    • Last name*
    • Email address*
    • Title of the course for which you will need our product*
    • Link to your public educator's info (optionally)
  2. Your University, College or School
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