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dotConnect for BigCommerce History

This page lists the functionality added in each version of dotConnect for BigCommerce. To view the full changelog including bug fixes, consult the dotConnect for BigCommerce revision history.

New features in dotConnect for BigCommerce 1.6

The current build is <%= GetProductBuildInfo("dotconnect/bigcommerce", "1") %> from <%= GetProductBuildInfo("dotconnect/bigcommerce", "2") %>

  • Visual Studio 2017 is supported
  • The Readonly connection string parameter is added to allow only reading source data (only SELECT statements)
  • The new views CustomerCustomFields, CustomerAddressCustomFields and the new readonly fields Customers.CustomFields, CustomerAddresses.CustomFields are added
  • The discount_rules field is added to the CustomerGroups object
  • The possibility to create and update values of the Categories.ImageFile field is implemented
  • The "Delete Multiple Product Bulk Pricing Rules" REST API functionality is supported

Entity Developer

  • Entity Framework Core 2.0 is supported
  • The new Raw SQL Query class property and SQL method property with the corresponding editors are implemented in Entity Framework Core
  • The Snake case in both Model and Database naming rules is supported via the new "Add underscore" option
  • The new "Detect function-based column default value" option is implemented in Model Settings of EF Core model
  • The code generation for async method calls is added to the EF Core template
  • The usage of long identifiers (up to 140 symbols) for naming model objects is supported
  • The ModelNameAsFilesPrefix property is implemented in the RepositoryAndUnitOfWork template
  • The code generation for async method calls in the EF Core template is improved
  • Support for ASP.NET Core MVC is added to the MVC Controller template
  • Support for ASP.NET Core MVC is added to the Data Annotations Metadata template
  • The new SQL Type, Size, Precision, Scale options are added to the Parameters tab in Method Editor of EF Core Model
  • The new Controller Area extended class property is added to EF Core Model
  • The check of conditions for setting optionsBuilder.Use... in the generated OnConfiguring method by the EF Core template is improved
  • The process of synchronizing methods and parameters with database stored procedures in EF Core Model is improved
  • The behaviour is changed: IsRequired(false / true) for navigation properties is always generated in EF Core fluent mapping now

Entity Framework

  • Entity Framework Core 1.1.2 is supported
  • Entity Framework Core 1.1.3 is supported
  • Entity Framework Core 1.1.4 is supported
  • Entity Framework Core 1.1.5 is supported
  • Entity Framework Core 2.0 is supported
  • Entity Framework Core 2.0.1 is supported
  • Entity Framework Core 2.0.2 is supported
  • Entity Framework Core 2.0.3 is supported
  • Entity Framework 6.2 is supported

New features in dotConnect for BigCommerce 1.5

  • Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate 4 is supported
  • The Run Once Command connection string parameter, which specifies a command to execute when the connection is opened the first time and not executed when the connection is taken from the pool, is added
  • A new required column "Item" is added to the OrderShipments table
  • The Conditions, PriceAdjuster_Type, PriceAdjuster_Value, WeightAdjuster_Type and WeightAdjuster_Value fileds are added to the ProductRules entity
  • The 'Do not install assemblies in the GAC' check box that allows disabling placing the provider assemblies to the GAC is added to the Install Wizard
  • The support of OAuth is implemented to allow authentication with the StoreId, ClientId, AccessToken, and AuthenticationType=OAuth parameters

Entity Developer

  • Entity Framework Core 1.0 RTM is supported
  • The possibility to set values of stored procedure parameters for getting metadata to generate automatically the corresponding complex type is implemented
  • The DbProviderFactory provider registration in application's *.config is supported by the Entity Developer version integrated into Visual Studio
  • The generation of static methods by the EntityObject template is supported via the new property Direct Call of EntityMethod
  • The possibility to choose whether to add new entities to a diagram or not in Update From Database Wizard is implemented
  • The behaviour is changed: now the DbContext template generates an additional partial class for the context class when "File Per Class" and "Generate Partial Class" are set to True
  • The behaviour is changed: the ObservableCollection navigation properties are initialized now in a default class constructor

Entity Framework

  • Entity Framework Core 1.1.0 is supported
  • The Scaffold-DbContext NuGet command of Package Manager Console for generating a model basing on the existing database schema is supported in EF Core
  • Entity Framework-related assemblies are renamed
  • Upgrade Wizard is improved for upgrading projects with the Entity Framework functionality

24-Dec-15 First Release of dotConnect for BigCommerce 1.0