dotConnect for MySQL Testimonials

LinqConnect and dotConnect for MySQL is simply awesome and mindblowing. I use LINQ a lot with MSSQL, but now with dotConnect and LinqConnect for MySQL, I see no difference in performance or coding. Its quick as a snap and truly love it! I don't think there is a better product in market for using LINQ with MySQL. Thanks Devart!!!

Chetan A. Sharma

.. you can choose with Devart's components, if you wish to develop Linq to (any ADO.NET based database) like: Linq to MySQL, Linq to MSSQL ,Linq to Oracle, Linq to Postgres...

So, Devart was the first around the web, which provided such a tool in a professional way. In the early days, there have been really big and basic problems. But Now, this software has become a very well working component. The problems, which are still in the software, are most very specific problems, which can be handled with little workarounds. So, what I try to say is, that this software is proved and works fast and without problems.

If the other components are working this professional way, I don't know.

The question, Linq2... or Entity Framework. You can choose both technologies with Devart's components. Both technologies are shipped with the installation.

Harald Bacik, Intelli Soft, Owner

I currently use dotConnect for MySQL and I've been very happy with the tool.

Dave Caplan, President, Auction Software Systems

I tried a trial version and looks fantastic - by the way keep up the good work. The great thing is that it is simple and easy to implement and with samples of code it is a pure beauty.

Zahir Virani