Frequently Asked Questions on License Agreement

This page contains frequently asked questions about End Users License Agreement (EULA) of dotConnect for Oracle. When you have a question on licensing first of all please browse through this list. If this page does not contain the answer, refer to contact page. You can get the full text of EULA by installing any edition of dotConnect for Oracle on your workstation - a copy of EULA (License.rtf) will be available in the folder of provider installation (by default, \Program Files\Devart\dotConnect\Oracle\).

We are a team of three developers and need to deploy the solution on four servers. Which License will be appropriate for our project?

dotConnect for Oracle is licensed for developers, not for workstations or servers. The license type you will need depends only on the number of people who are going to use dotConnect for Oracle. Every licensed developer is entitled to install and use our product on one or more computers, provided it is used only by him for the sole purposes of developing, testing, and deploying applications in accordance with our EULA. For three developers, you can use the Team license (it is actually intended for up to four persons).

Does your EULA mean I have to get a licence even for developers from my team/company who have nothing to do with database access?

Only licensed developers are entitled to use dotConnect for Oracle, i.e. to compile the assemblies which have the direct references to the Devart assemblies, to use Devart classes. If only particular developer(-s) works on database access level (DAL), it makes sense to move DAL in a separate assembly (DLL) which will be built only by this licensed developer(-s). Be aware that this DLL can be used only inside your company (this wrapper must not be distributed). In this case, you don't need the license for the developers who will use DLL with DAL.

Do end-users of my own product that uses the Devart assemblies need a license?

No, end-users of your application do not require any license.

If we purchased a license to use dotConnect in Visual Studio, shall we need a separate license to deploy our application to customer's site?

The dotConnect for Oracle license is royalty-free. If you have the Devart license, you won't need to pay any additional fee for deploying or distributing your software to end users.

Are we allowed to distribute dotConnect for Oracle with our software to our customers or is there a royalty / licence fee involved ?

According to our EULA, it is allowed to redistribute run-time Devart assemblies in such way that they cannot be reused by any application other than your solution.

What are the restrictions on the Site License? Is "single company" defined as one location (US only)? How about for a company with different locations around the world; will Site license cover it?

With the Site license, dotConnect for Oracle can be used by an unlimited number of developers within a single company at one physical address. "Single company" means one juridical name at one physical address. Every office of a company with different locations around the world should have its own separate license. Site License allows to install and use dotConnect on one or more computers, provided it is used by developers in a single company at one physical address for the sole purposes of developing, testing, and deploying applications.

May the free edition of provider be used in commercial applications?

Yes, it may be used in commercial applications in the way that is not contrary to the 2.2, 2.3, 2.5, 2.6 points of our EULA.

Is there an expiration of the license or is it permanent?

dotConnect for Oracle is sold on the subscription basis: during a year after the purchase you can download the new versions released in this period. But the license itself is permanent in the sense that a particular version can be used without any time limitations.

I bought the dotConnect for Oracle a while ago. I wanted to know how can I upgrade?

To download the latest version of dotConnect for Oracle, please use the credentials (URL to Customer Portal, account name, and password) that were sent to you after the purchase of our product. If you didn't receive this information or want to check your subscription status, please contact our Sales department and specify your license number and/or the mail address for which you've registered dotConnect for Oracle.

I'm thinking about purchasing the dotConnect for Oracle product for my team, but I was wondering if it is possible to we upgrade from the "Team" license to the "Site" license within a certain amount of time?

To upgrade Team license to Site license you need to pay the difference between license prices.

If I obtain a Site license for dotConnect for Oracle product, would that cover LinqConnect and Entity Developer as well for Oracle?

There are several types of licenses, and several types of editions. The type of edition (Standard, Professional, Developer, etc) determines the included functionality, the type of license (Single, Team, Site) depends on the number of developers who will use our product. Please note that LinqConnect support and Entity Developer are included only to Professional and Developer editions.

If the module do not need to upgrade dotConnect version in the future, do we need to buy the subscription renewal? What does the benefit to buy this subscription renewal?

No, you don't. dotConnect for Oracle license is perpetual. The benefit to buy a subscription renewal is getting access to the latest builds with the new features and bug fixes.

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