dotConnect for Oracle Testimonials

We've been using dotConnect for Oracle for several years now. You have a terrific product and excellent support (at very reasonable prices). Because of that, we can move developers between projects a lot faster (re-learning data access is more time consuming than a lot of people might think). Thanks and keep up the good work!

Charles Sweet, Lead Developer, Progressive Data Systems, Inc.

Devart dotConnect for Oracle is just fantastic. It makes it possible to work with Oracle without hating it which is uneasy task indeed.

Vagif Abilov, Senior Consultant at Miles AS, Oslo, Norway

Let me say first, that the Devart dotConnect for Oracle is fantastic. It solved the problem perfectly, which was to use LINQ with Oracle. The Entity Developer tool is amazing--I can make a data change and it compiles immediately.

Mark A. Abraham, Indiana State Department of Health

I have got to say that you guys are the most responsive group when it comes to fixing bugs. Many of the problems I have posted about have specifically been addressed in a subsequent release of your dotConnect for Oracle or Entity Developer products. This one wasn't even a complaint and you fixed it anyway. Thank you! Please keep up the great customer service, you guys are awesome!

Simon Kingaby, Piedmont Natural Gas

My experience with dotConnect is using dotConnect for Oracle over the past three months.

...when VS 2010 was released, it took Devart a couple of days to release an updated version of dotConnect. They had promised the new version would be availble within a week and they delivered it in two days. They also e-mailed me with a download link. They are responsive to e-mails and their forums are helpful.

Dean Hennessey, Assumption Life

...we love the product and are impressed with the speed you guys have resolved our bugs. Keep up the great work... Your support is fantastic.

Nick Craver

...Really like your product, by the way. I had previously used the EFOracleProvider example provided by MS, and actually got that working in our system, but was it ever slow!! Installing dotConnect for Oracle was easy, and the speed improvement was obvious.

Robin Warren, Ibis Biosciences

...thanks for the fast support, always fast, I'm happy about it.

Fábio Augusto Pandolfo

Impressive product by the way.

Mark Michalek, Manager of Application Development

I've been impressed with the communication we've received from Devart, and we've recommended to the client that we go with you as our solution provider.

Paul Reynolds, Planet Software

I'd like to acknowlege that the customer support provided by Devart is exceptional. Great job!

Yanxia Liu, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.

Thanks for a great product. Really speeding things up for me.

Dimitris Savva

Currently we are already using some years the corelab-devart-dotconnect and are really happy about it.

Frederik Goethals, Analyst - Developer, Sadef nv

Excellent customer service.

Jason Jonas, Chief Technical Officer, SpotWalla, Inc.

I believe that dotConnect for Oracle provides the richest and most robust feature set available. It provides enhanced functionality above what the Oracle supported .dll's offer and makes developing with an entity context a breeze. Not only does the dotConnect functionality reduce the typing of redundant boilerplate code, but the stored procedure functionality is unmatched and is EXACTLY what I was looking for. We will be using it for our development needs going forward and replacing our existing installation of LLBLGEN with DevArt DotConnect. well done guys BRAVO!!

Ramon M., Sr. .Net Engineer, BuyEfficient

This product is excellent, but the support is even better! I'm new to EF development and I found support for all my questions, even trivial.

Giorgio Merlini, Software Developer, SMS Group Gmbh