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dotConnect for PostgreSQL Components

See a brief description of the classes and components included in dotConnect for PostgreSQL. Click on the name of each component for more information.



Core ADO.NET Classes

Establishes a connection to PostgreSQL database and manages transactions.


Executes SQL statements and stored procedures at PostgreSQL database.


Exposes and reads a forward-only stream of data from PostgreSQL database.

PgSqlDataAdapter *

Populates a DataSet and resolves updates with PostgreSQL database.


Starts, commits, or rolls back server transactions.


Represents input, output, and return value parameters for commands.


Represents an error encountered at PostgreSQL database. For an error encountered at the client, dotConnect for PostgreSQL throws a .NET Framework exception.

Complementary ADO.NET Classes
PgSqlCommandBuilder *

A helper object that automatically generates command properties of PgSqlDataAdapter and populates the PgSqlParameter collection of PgSqlCommand object.


Constructs a connection string by assigning values to appropriate properties.

PgSqlDataSourceEnumerator *

Retrieves list of available servers in the network.


Enables flexible data binding for ASP.NET applications.

dotConnect for PostgreSQL Advanced Classes
PgSqlDataTable *

Provides all of the functionality needed to retrieve and manipulate data from a PostgreSQL server data source. Combines connected and disconnected data access models.


Represents typed and untyped PostgreSQL-specific datasets. Bases on PgSqlDataTable objects to build the schema.


Serves to establish flexible cross-form data binding.

dotConnect for PostgreSQL Auxiliary Classes

Serves to execute series of SQL statements.


Serves to load external data into the PostgreSQL database.


Serves to store a database or its parts as a script and also to restore database from the received script.


Serves to monitor dynamic SQL execution in applications that use dotConnect for PostgreSQL.

* This class is supported only for full .NET Framework. It is not available in the .NET Standard 1.3 compatible assemblies.