dotConnect for PostgreSQL Features

Table of Contents

  1. General usability
  2. Network and connectivity
  3. Compatibility
  4. PostgreSQL technology support
  5. PostgreSQL data types support
  6. Performance
  7. ADO.NET technology support
  8. ADO.NET Entity Framework
  9. LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to PostgreSQL)
  10. Workflow Foundation Support
  11. Extended data access technologies and functionality
  12. Business Intelligence Solutions Support
  13. WinForms-specific features
  14. ASP.NET-specific features
  15. Script execution
  16. SQL execution monitoring
  17. Design-time enhancements
  18. Product clarity
  19. Licensing and support

General usability

  • Direct access to server data
  • Real RAD for database applications
  • Fully compliant with ADO.NET
  • 100% managed code
  • Highly usable design time support
  • Easy to deploy

Network and connectivity

  • Doesn't require PostgreSQL client library and uses PostgreSQL protocol directly
  • Both connected and disconnected data access models
  • Unicode connections
  • SSL connection to PostgreSQL server


  • Full support of the latest versions of PostgreSQL
  • Full support for x64 architecture
  • .NET Core support
  • .NET Compact Framework support
  • Mono Framework support
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, or 2017 support
  • CodeGear Delphi 2007 support
  • Embarcadero Delphi Prism support
  • SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Solutions support
  • Sync Framework support

PostgreSQL technology support

  • All PostgreSQL data types support, including Composite types
  • Stored procedures support
  • Returning result sets from stored procedures
  • PgSqlDump component to store a database or its parts as a script and then restore it
  • PgSqlLoader component for fast loading data
  • PgSqlAlerter component to manage PostgreSQL notifications with LISTEN and NOTIFY commands
  • Fill DataSet with multiple query
  • Large objects support
  • PostgreSQL ARRAY data type support with the PgSqlArray class
  • Full support for PostgreSQL range types


  • High overall performance
  • Intelligent fetch block size control
  • Advanced connection pooling
  • High performance batch processing

ADO.NET technology support

  • Full support for ADO.NET Entity Framework v1 - v6
  • Entity Framework Core support [New]
  • Server enumeration
  • Batch update support
  • Extended metadata information retrieval
  • Advanced CommandBuilder component with automatic refresh SQL
  • Enhanced pooling control through connection string
  • Connection string builder
  • Provider factory for generating key data access classes
  • Asynchronous command execution
  • Provider-specific types support
  • Password change API
  • Database Change Notification Support
  • Possibility to retrieve OID values

ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • Conceptual approach to enterprise development
  • High performance
  • Wide support for LINQ to Entities
  • Entity Framework Code First support
  • Entity Framework Code First Migrations support
  • Wide support for EntitySQL
  • Full CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) support
  • Wide support for server data types
  • Entity Framework Spatials support
  • Change tracking support
  • Object data caching
  • Inheritance mapping support (TPH, TPT, and TPCT models)
  • Capability to use stored procedures when manipulating data
  • Stored procedure import support
  • Ability to build database-independent applications
  • Full-text search support
  • Visual Studio EDM Wizard support
  • Reverse engineering of database objects to entity model
  • Support for most Entity Framework Canonical Functions
  • Visual model creation and code generation with Entity Developer
    • Update Model From Database functionality for Entity Developer
    • Update To Database with Mapping Synchronization functionality for Entity Developer
  • Illustrated tutorial to get started with Entity Framework in 5 minutes

LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to PostgreSQL)

  • Easy to use
  • High performance
  • Interchangeable with Microsoft LINQ to SQL
  • Plain CLR classes used (no need to use a common base class)
  • Full CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) support
  • Ability to execute DML statements in batches on SubmitChanges
  • Fluent Mapping support
  • Complex type support
  • PLINQ support (connection manager redesigned for thread safety)
  • Support for different configurable algorithms for primary key generation
  • Inheritance mapping support (Table Per Hierarchy and Table Per Type
  • Support of Visual Studio Debugger Visualizer for the DataQuery objects
  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data support with ASP.NET Dynamic Data project templates
  • Automatic configurable compiled query caching
  • Change tracking support
  • Object data caching
  • Data binding support
  • Wide support for LINQ capabilities
  • Wide support for server data types
  • Load on demand (lazy load)
  • Database transactions support
  • Server-independent interface
  • Visual model creation and code generation with Entity Developer
    • Update Model From Database functionality for Entity Developer
    • Update To Database with Mapping Synchronization functionality for Entity Developer
  • Illustrated tutorial to get started with LinqConnect in 5 minutes

Workflow Foundation Support

Extended data access technologies and functionality

  • Powerful PgSqlDataTable component for manipulating individual tables or query result
  • NonBlocking mode allows fetching data asynchronously in the background
  • On-demand data fetch for data-bound controls
  • Paginal access to query result
  • Server side master-detail relation based on queries
  • Ability to refresh individual records in PgSqlDataTable component
  • Support for Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block (DAAB)
  • Object-oriented building of SELECT statements
  • Extended warning and error information retrieval
  • Extended interface for processing execution exceptions
  • PgSqlDataAdapter.Fill method with sequential fetch support
  • Ability to defer fetching of some columns in a resultset
  • Named parameters support

Business Intelligence Solutions Support

  • SSIS DataFlow Source and Destination components
  • Analysis Services support
  • Reporting Services support

WinForms-specific features

  • Flexible data binding with DataLink component
  • InterForm technology for cross-form components cooperation
  • Global position synchronization within a data source

ASP.NET-specific features

Script execution

  • Advanced script execution features with PgSqlScript component
  • Support for executing individual statements in scripts
  • Support for executing huge scripts stored in files with dynamic loading

SQL execution monitoring

  • Extended SQL tracing capabilities with PgSqlMonitor component
  • Support for dbMonitor utility for advanced tracing analysis and control
  • Per-component SQL tracing
  • Optional log output to IDE toolwindows

Design-time enhancements

Product clarity

  • Complete documentation sets integrated into Visual Studio and CodeGear Delphi
  • Integration with Visual Studio and MSDN help collections
  • Documentation available as a standalone chm file
  • A large amount of helpful demos in C#, VB, C++, and Delphi

Licensing and support

  • Included annual dotConnect for PostgreSQL Subscription with Priority Support
  • Licensed royalty-free per developer, per team, or per site