dotConnect for SQLite Editions

dotConnect for SQLite is available in three editions: Professional, Standard, and Express.

The Standard Edition represents a fully-featured ADO.NET data provider with design time support and advanced classes.

The Professional Edition adds more classes, tools, technologies, and integration capabilities.

The Express Edition is a free data provider with basic connectivity features.

Feature Professional Standard Express
.NET Framework support Yes Yes Yes
.NET Core support Yes Yes No
Common ADO.NET classes Yes Yes Yes
Native data types classes and structures Yes Yes Yes
SQLiteScript class Yes Yes No
SQLiteMonitor class Yes Yes No
SQLiteDataTable class Yes No No
SQLiteDataSet class Yes No No
SQLiteDump class Yes No No
DataLink class Yes No No
SQLiteDataSource component for web applications Yes No No
Design-time features, including component editors and property editors Yes Yes No
Entity Framework support Yes No No
LinqConnect support Yes No No
NHibernate support * Yes No No
Entity Developer Yes No No
Advanced Visual Studio 2008 - 2022 integration Yes Yes Yes
ASP.NET providers support Yes No No
SQL Server Business Intelligence Solutions support Yes No No
Sync Framework support Yes No No
Enterprise Library support Yes No No
InterForm technology Yes Yes No
DataSet Manager and Editor Yes No No
DataSet Wizard Yes No No
dbMonitor support Yes No No
Single License Price $219.95 $119.95 Free

* Includes only NHibernate runtime support. Additionally, Entity Developer for NHibernate or Entity Developer Professional is needed to generate NHibernate models.