dotConnect for SQLite Testimonials

I used dotConnect for SQLite provider on my testing development and I can say it was fast!, reliable and really suitable to easily develop SQLite database based projects. I will suggest your provider if my colleagues need it.

Yigit Aktan, Senior Solution Engineer, Premier Mission Critical (PMC) Team at Microsoft

I have got to say that you guys are the most responsive group when it comes to fixing bugs. Many of the problems I have posted about have specifically been addressed in a subsequent release of your dotConnect for SQLite or Entity Developer products. This one wasn't even a complaint and you fixed it anyway. Thank you! Please keep up the great customer service, you guys are awesome!

Simon Kingaby, Piedmont Natural Gas

...Really like your product, by the way. I had previously used the EFSQLiteProvider example provided by MS, and actually got that working in our system, but was it ever slow!! Installing dotConnect for SQLite was easy, and the speed improvement was obvious.

Robin Warren, Ibis Biosciences