Oracle Data Access Components Performance

At this page you can see the results of the tests on comparison ODAC by performance with other component packages: BDE, ADO, dbExpress.

All tests were performed under Windows 2000 Professional operating system.

Computer: Intel PIII 800 Mhz / 256 Mb RAM
Oracle Version: Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release 8.1.7 and Client 8.1.7
Descriptions of database objects you can find at CreatePerf.sql file.

Test 1. Fetch

This test demonstrates fetch of various amounts of rows started since 1000. The default value of Fetch Block Size parameter for this test is 64. SQL statement to be executed for testing

  SELECT * FROM Detail WHERE RowNum <= :Recs

ODAC - Test 1.Fetch

Test 2. Master/Detail

This test demonstrates fetch of various amounts of rows from Master table and all corresponding to key rows from Detail table.

SQL statement for Master table

  SELECT * FROM Master WHERE Code <= :Recs

SQL statement for Detail table

  SELECT * FROM Detail WHERE Master = :Code

ODAC - Test 2. Master/Detail

Test 3. Stored procedure call

In this test a stored procedure with parameters is invoked several times. Parameters are passed each time on calling the stored procedure. Beforehand the stored procedure was explicitly prepared.

Stored procedure name: Master_Insert

Parameters to be passed: p_Code, p_Field1, p_Field2, p_Field3

ODAC - Test 3. Stored procedure call

Test 4. Data loading

Loads specified number of rows into the table.

Loading table: Loaded

To load records ODAC uses special component OraLoader.

The rest of the component packages use SQL statement

  INSERT INTO Loaded (Code, Field1) VALUES (:Code, :Field1)

ODAC - Test 4. Data loading

Test 5. Multiexecution

Runs specified number of times anonymous PL/SQL block.

Text of executable PL/SQL block

  begin NULL; end;

Before execution of this test OraSession.InternalName property was set to 'ODAC' to increase performance.

ODAC - Test 5. Multiexecution

Test 6. Insert/Post

This test demonstrates filling table with specified number of records.

Test uses Detail table.

ODAC - Test 6. Insert/Post