SecureBridge Editions

SecureBridge comes in two editions: Standard and Professional.

The Standard edition includes the SecureBridge basic secure connectivity components. SecureBridge Standard Edition is a cost-effective solution for developers who are looking for an overall high-performance security tool.

The Professional edition shows off the full power of SecureBridge, enhancing SecureBridge Standard Edition with server functionality.

You can get Source Access to the implementation of all the component classes in SecureBridge by purchasing the special SecureBridge Professional Edition with Source Code.

The matrix below compares features of the SecureBridge editions. The detailed list of all SecureBridge features you can find at the SecureBridge Features page .

Features Standard Professional

Desktop Application Development

Windows Yes Yes
macOS No Yes
Linux No Yes

Mobile Development

iOS No Yes
Android No Yes


Server functionality
No Yes
Client functionality
Yes Yes
Storage functionality
Yes Yes
Secure channel
Yes Yes
Remote commands execution
Yes Yes
Data encryption and signing
Yes Yes
HTTP/HTTPS client functionality
Yes Yes
Integration with Indy components
Yes Yes
Integration with DAC components
Yes Yes
Cross IDE Support

Cross IDE Support

Lazarus and Free Pascal support No Click to view restrictions
Single License Price $99.95 $199.95

1 Available only in editions with source code.