Account Features

If you have purchased Devart products, you probably already have a Devart account. The account provides you the access to the customer portal, which allows you:

  • Updating your personal information
  • Managing your product licenses
  • Renewing product subscription
  • Upgrading product editions
  • Activating and deactivating the software on your local PCs.
  • Downloading various product versions

Updating personal information

Once authenticated on the website, navigate to your profile page. Change the personal information at your discretion. Click Update profile.

Managing product licenses

After you sign in, you can navigate to the licenses menu, where you can view details of every product you have purchased. The following information is available:

Subscription expiration date

Shows when your subscription expires.

License number

A number that uniquely identifies your license.

License type

Shows the type of your license.

License status

Displays whether your license is activated or deactivated. Click the status to open the Active Licenses menu. The Active Licenses menu allows you managing the number of activations.

Activation key

A key that is used to activate your copy of the software. The number of activation is restricted according to the product EULA.

Downloading product versions

As soon as your subscription is valid, you can download software updates directly from the customer portal. To do so, click Available for Download link, next to the required product name. The download page opens, where you can download the latest build as well as all previous build versions.