What's new

  • What's new in recent VirtualDAC updates

Supported Target Platforms

  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit
  • macOS 64-bit
  • Mac ARM
  • iOS 64-bit
  • Android 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Linux 32-bit and 64-bit

General usability

  • Interface compatible with standard data access methods, such as BDE and ADO
  • VCL, FMX, LCL development platforms are available
  • Separated run-time and GUI specific parts allow you to create pure console applications such as CGI
  • Unicode and national charset support


  • Building complex SQL queries to data from different TDataSet descendants
  • Database-independent SQL engine with TMemoryTable as a source
  • Ability for querying non-database data using TVirtualDataSet as a source
  • Almost full supporting of the SQLite SQL dialect


  • Database-independent in-memory data storage
  • Can save and load the table structure and record data into/from the file at run-time
  • Can store the table structure and record data in dfm at design-time
  • Allows to add and remove fields to the existing data
  • Optimized string and row data storing


  • Represents arbitrary data (arrays, lists, objects, etc.) as a TDataSet descendant
  • Allows to display data using any DB-aware controls
  • Ability for modifying data using trivial TDataSet methods

Data storage operations

  • Local sorting and filtering, including by calculated and lookup fields
  • Local master/detail relationship
  • Extended capabilities for record locating

Data exchange

  • Data export and import to/from XML (ADO format)

Design-time enhancements

  • Advanced design-time component and property editors

Product clarity

  • Complete documentation sets
  • Helpful demo projects

Licensing and support

  • Included annual VirtualDAC Subscription with Priority Support
  • Licensed royalty-free per developer, per team, or per site