Virtual Data Access Components Editions

Virtual Data Access Components comes in two editions: Express and Standard.

The Express edition includes the VirtualDAC basic data access component – TVirtualTable.

The Standard edition shows off the full power of VirtualDAC, enhancing VirtualDAC Express Edition with TVirtualDataSet and TVirtualQuery capabilities.

You can get Source Access to VirtualDAC Standard Edition by purchasing a special VirtualDAC Standard Edition with Source Code, which includes the source code of all component classes.

The matrix below compares the features of VirtualDAC editions. The detailed list of all VirtualDAC features can be found on the features page.

Features Express Standard

Virtual Data Access Components

  TVirtualTable TVirtualTable Yes Yes
  TVirtualDataSet TVirtualDataSet No Yes
  TVirtualQuery TVirtualQuery No Yes

Desktop Application Development

Windows Yes Yes
macOS Yes Yes
Linux No Yes

Mobile Application Development

  iOS Yes Yes
  Android No Yes
Design-Time Features

Design-Time Features

  Enhanced component and property editors Yes Yes
Single License Price Free $79.95