SQL Server Database Compare Tool

Compare and synchronize schema of SQL Server databases

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is a reliable tool that will save you time and effort when you need to compare databases on SQL Server. The relentlessly tested compare tool allows working with live SQL Server databases, database snapshots, and backups.

You can compare your SQL Server databases, analyze differences and synchronize your schemas using generated SQL script in a well-designed user interface quickly and without errors.

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What can SQL Server developers and DBAs do with such tool?

  • Compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas
  • Compare schemas of live database and SQL Server backup
  • Generate comparison reports in Excel and HTML formats
  • Analyze impact of application upgrades on a database
  • Eliminate mistakes in schema changes propagation across environments
  • Track production database changes and customizations
  • Make schema snapshots for savepoints in database development process
  • Automate migration of schema changes using command line interface
  • Improve SQL Server schema versioning using source control integration

What people say about SQL Server database compare tool

Really awesome product - got company to purchase a licence :)

Keep up the great work!

Mike Bowering, Kcom

I feel I made a very good decision in buying different products from Devart. Products like Schema Compare for SQL Server, SQL Complete and Code Compare are excellent products.


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SQL Schema Compare Tool for SQL Server