How to Synchronize Oracle Schemas



The article is dedicated to dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle. With convenient UI, comprehensive database comparison and synchronization wizards, rich settings, high performance, and stable work of dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle you will achieve your goals in database synchronization with the maximum quality and speed. Once the schema comparison procedure is completed, you can synchronize Oracle schemassimply by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar.

What is schema synchronization?

Schema synchronization is a procedure of generating SQL script, necessary to migrate the schema of a source database to a target database (patch script). Source is a database content of which is inserted to Target after synchronization.

Synchronizing Oracle databases

The following example will show you how to synchronize Oracle schemas.

  1. Review the comparison results to choose required objects for Oracle synchronization. For objects you don't want to synchronize, unselect the check boxes next to them. Click Synchronize on the Comparison toolbar. Schema Synchronization Wizard will open.
Schema Compare for Oracle: Examine Comparison Result
  1. On the Output wizard page, select what you want to do with the Oracle synchronization script: to see it in the editor, save to a file for further execution, or immediately execute.
Schema Compare for Oracle: Set Output Options
  1. On the Options wizard page, set additional rules for synchronization.
Schema Compare for Oracle: Select General Synchronization Options
  1. On the Summary wizard page, review the Oracle database synchronization actions and warnings or notifications generated by dbForge Schema Compare that can affect the synchronization.
Schema Compare for Oracle: Review Sync Warnings
  1. Run the generated synchronization script by clicking the Execute button on the SQL toolbar.
Schema Compare for Oracle: Review and Run SQL Script


From this article you have learned how to synchronize Oracle schemas using dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle. dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle will help you to compare Oracle schemas and quickly obtain the comparison results by completing just a few simple steps.