Compare and Synchronize Oracle Data Easily!

Oracle Data Sync tool included in dbForge Studio for Oracle is packed with numerous useful features that allow you to compare data in different tables, synchronize data between target and source schemas, display results in a convenient UI etc. Oracle Data Comparison and Synchronization tool will help you whenever you need to compare data in Oracle databases.

Comparing data between different schemas

Use Data Comparison Wizard any time you want to compare data in two Oracle tables.

You can see the list of all available tables in the grid, select required ones to compare, compare one or several tables at once, filter them, hide system ones in the grid and select comparison options. Oracle Data Compare Tool maps tables and columns that have the same name and owner for comparison automatically. However you can map tables and views with non-equal names using custom queries.

Data Compare Tool - Mapping Objects

Analyzing data differences

When dbForge Studio has compared database structures, their differences will be shown in the schema comparison document that can be saved. Records are grouped by their status and displayed on separate tabs.

Data Compare Tool provides a number of options to manage the comparison results. Schema objects can be filtered by differences. You can select what objects to show: objects with different, identical records, only in source or only in target records. You can also filter incorrectly and correctly mapped objects.

dbForge Studio for Oracle provides a possibility to view results of data comparison in the form of a report. When data comparison is completed, you can generate a comparison report.

Data Compare Tool - Filtering Schema Objects

Synchronizing data in Oracle schemas

When dbForge Studio has compared data in schemas, all objects that can be synchronized are selected for synchronization. You can exclude objects you don't want to sync to leave only required ones for synchronization.

Data Comparison Wizard allows you to choose what dbForge Studio should do with the synchronization script. There is also a list of options to customize the synchronization process.

You can review the synchronization actions which will be in the synchronization script and possible warnings generated by dbForge Studio that can affect the synchronization.

With the help of the command line you can automate the data comparison and synchronization process.

Data Compare Tool - Synchronization Wizard

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